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Rafał Parada, Dr

Field of interest

Cytogenetics and molecular genetics, animal breeding, biodiversity.


Scientific achievements

ca. 35 publications, 28 papers from JCR list. Total citations ca. 130, Hirsch index – 7.


Selected scientific achievements

1. Author/co-author of population-cytogenetic studies of bulls used in SHiUZ., Showing that 4 bulls were carriers of centric fusion 1/29 and three XY/XX lymphocyte chimerism.
2. Used cytogenetic studies (chromosome aberration and sister chromatid exchange (SCE) in livestock as a test for monitoring industrial pollution.
3. He showed that the cause of infertility in many mares (12.8%) was due to chromosomal abnormalities. Moreover, by in situ hybridization, rDNA genes were identified on chromosomes 1, 28, 31, and for the first time on chromosomes of 27 pairs in Polish primitive horse.
4. Identified the genetic structure of conservative flocks of geese and ducks.
5. Analyzing the expression of fatty liver fatty liver gene genes showed that the HMGA1 and PPARG genes may be the genes for the deposition of abdominal fat in hens. Our results show that HMG1A and PPARG genes expression can be useful markers of fat deposition in chickens.


Realized research projects

Head of 2 research projects:- " Studies on genetic diversity resources in conservative flocks of geese using microsatellite DNA polymorphic markers and cytogenetic techniques." (2007-2009). - " Expression profiling of candidate genes for abdominal fat in broilers" (2013-2017).
Chief contractor in 4 research projects.


Selected publications and patents

Parada R., Jaszczak K., 1993 – A cytogenetic study of cows from a highly industrial or an agricultural region. Mutation Research, 300, 259-263 IF=6.462
Jaszczak K., Parada R., Guszkiewicz A., 1999 - Cytogenetic study of some tissue and age related changes in cell proportions in goat-sheep chimera. Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics. 84, 55-57. IF=1.878
Parada R., Książkiewicz J., Kawka M., Jaszczak K. 2012 - Studies on resources of genetic diversity in conservative flocks of geese using microsatellite DNA polymorphic markers. Molecular Biology Reports, Volume 39, Number 5, Pages 5291-5297, IF=2.929
Kawka M., Parada R., Jaszczak K. and Horbańczuk J. O. 2012 - The use of microsatellite polymorphism in genetic mapping of the ostrich (Struthio camelus). Molecular Biology Reports, Volume 39, Number 3, Pages 3369-3374, 15 pkt., IF=2.929
Parada R., Kawka M., Sacharczuk M., Urbański P., Jaszczak K. 2017 - Cytogenetic and genetic study of a Y-linked microsatellite polymorphism in Polish Black-and-White cattle breed, Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences, doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.sjbs.2017.01.053 IF- 2,56


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